Are you a Therapist? What is your job like?

1. What type of therapist are you?

I’m a mental health counselor, specializing in anxiety, depression, and trauma.  I’m a very client-focused therapist.

I help people work through their past traumas, belief systems, and insecurities while bringing emphasis to their strengths, resilience, and self-awareness.

2. What does your typical day at work look like?

I get in the office around 7:30 am and start to see clients from 8 am until about 6 pm Monday- Friday. I typically have a fully booked calendar knowing that there one or two cancellations throughout the week.

I do not see clients on Thursdays; however, on this day I will work on my website, catch up on administrative tasks and occasionally complete a training course in a new therapeutic modality or attend a class teaching me something new in the mental health field. 

I make it a point to not work over the weekends as I’ve learned that self-care is extremely important in this business.

3. What are the pros and cons of your job?

A few pros: 

  • I love helping people and seeing them grow.
  • I get to set my own schedule. 
  • I determine my client’s treatment plans based on my client’s needs. 
  • I’m able to visit family and friends on special holidays.
  • I get the weekends off.
  • I get to meet new people on a regular basis.
  • I’m my own boss. 

A few cons:

  • It’s up to me to market myself, build my website, and bring in new clients.
  • I don’t get paid for the time it takes to complete clients’ notes and administrative tasks.
  • No paid sick or vacation days.

Are you a therapist? Leave a comment. What are the pros and cons of your job?

Written by Kasia Ciszewski, LPC on

Kasia is a licensed professional counselor servicing the Charleston area. She helps individuals heal, better understand their emotions, energize & become more aware of their inner strength. She specializes in helping teens, adults and seniors and has been able to regularly achieve impressive results for her clients throughout South Carolina. Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest - Twitter - Linkedin

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