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Calmerry Review is one of the newest online therapy platforms. It was established recently by a team of American and European entrepreneurs following the COVID-19 pandemic that spread across the world. The entrepreneurs saw the devastation that the pandemic had on every aspect of our lives.

It affected the world economically, health-wise as well as mentally. While governments are dealing with the economy and physical health, many people cannot get the mental health aid they need. With lockdowns and people staying safe at home, visiting a therapist in person has become more difficult. Therefore, the demand for online therapy is increasing, and this is where Calmerry enters.

As an online therapy platform, Calmerry aims to offer an affordable and convenient way of accessing mental health online. It is an innovative service that gives unlimited access to a huge range of licensed therapists online. Everyone on the platform is looking forward to helping you and providing emotional guidance and support. At Calmerry, you will be able to have therapy sessions with certified professionals via text or even video sessions.

Therefore, you can count on Calmerry to help you overcome many life challenges and become the best possible version of yourself. Calmerry can be summed up in the following bullet points:

  • Greatly affordable
  • Various communication methods, including text and video
  • Dedicated roster of customer support managers
  • Calmerry is compliant with HIPAA
  • Ability to switch counselors with ease
  • Seasoned and professional therapists with the needed education, experience, and certification.


How to Sign Up’s sign-up process is pretty quick and straightforward. You will click on Register New Account on the log-in page, and you will provide your email and a password. The platform will send a 3-number code for verification, and once you enter it, you will have your own account at the therapy platform. Once you are in, the platform will prompt you to fill in a survey about yourself. The platform will use these answers to build your profile and will be better able to match you with a counselor. These questions include:

  • What is your first and last name?
  • What is the gender you identify as?
  • Do you live in the USA? If so, what state?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your current relationship status?
  • What is your current employment status?
  • How would you describe your physical health?
  • Do you have any history with counseling?
  • Do you ever get depressed or unmotivated?
  • Are you suffering from extreme sadness?
  • Do you have anxiety?
  • How do you rate the quality of your relationships?
  • Do you suffer from any eating disorders?

These are only an example of the questions that the platform will ask. They might feel personal, but that is the point. The answers will help the platform understand you better and determine what kind of help will benefit you. It will use the given information to match you with the most suitable therapist, who will provide you with the required help and support. Once you get matched with a therapist, the rest of the platform will become active.


About Choosing Therapy Counselors/Therapists: offers an extensive staff of counselors, and that base of therapists is continuously growing. The platform does not accept any therapist who applies. They perform extensive research before accepting new additions. All therapists will have to be licensed and certified with the needed experience. They require therapists to have at least one year of experience. They also must be certified in their state so that they can offer therapy to residents of this state. The therapists on the platform can help you deal with numerous issues, whether you suffer from depression, self-esteem problems, anxiety, grief, or anything else. The platform will surely match you with a therapist with the qualification and experience to help you face the issues you want to address. While you do not hand-pick your own therapist, as the platform does it for you, you can easily choose to change your therapist. For any reason, if you wish to change your therapist, you can do so, and the platform will match you with another as soon as possible.


How it Works

Once you sign up and get the verification code to your email, your interaction with the platform will begin. As mentioned before, it starts with the survey, where the platform will make you answer more than a few questions. You should make sure to read them carefully and answer them truthfully. It is important because success in therapy depends significantly on how well you “click” with the therapist. So, for that to happen, you must answer these questions truthfully so the platform has the best information for this pairing. The platform will match you with a therapist as fast as possible, with a maximum period of 48 hours. Once you have been paired with your therapist, your real therapy experience can begin. The platform is very user-friendly and makes the whole experience straightforward. It really helps make the experience much better, so you do not have to add to your anxiety or stress figuring out how the platform works. On the left side, you will see the control panel of the platform. It includes Messaging: In this tab, this is where you can exchange text messaging, unlimited, with your therapist. Of course, the therapist will not answer right away, but they will respond promptly with the guidance and help that you need. Video Sessions: This is where you can check your therapist’s schedule and choose an appointment and attend the video sessions. The number of video sessions differs depending on the subscription plan that you have picked. Therapy Plan: This is where you can check your personal treatment program, and your plan and know more about what is available to you. Helpful Tips: This includes helpful content with tips and guides on getting the best out of online therapy.



Calmerry takes privacy quite seriously. They believe that protecting the privacy and the confidentiality of their clients is a top priority and responsibility. Therefore, they implement a vast range of measures to make sure that happens. These measures include passing the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It means that they are compliant with the HIPAA and offer HIPPA-compliant servers that host all the clients’ services. The platform always ensures that all counselors abide by the APA (American Psychological Association) codes of ethics and record-keeping guidelines. They also take all the needed security measures during any counseling sessions. The platform will not share any of its client’s information or sessions unless the law requires it.


Pricing does not have their plans on their website, so you will not be able to know the pricing right away. On the other hand, they clearly state on the FAQ Page that they are affordable and offer plans that range from $45 up to $63 per month.

The first plan, which costs $45, offers daily responses via text with your matched therapist. The high-end plans offer daily responses and the ability to set up a 30-min session with the counselor, via-video.

It can be once every month or once a week, which depends on the chosen package. You can pay for the subscription through a variety of banking options. These options include credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. The platform also has a unique option that most online therapy platforms do not offer: an easy, simple, and quick refund. They have a flexible condition for clients who wish to refund or cancel their subscription if they are not happy with the service.

You will get in touch with a 24/7 support team, and they will be able to walk you through the needed process. When it comes to insurance, does not support it; however, they already offer some of the most affordable therapy services on the market.


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