Pros and Cons of Online Therapy

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Therapy is an essential need for many people, whether they need help with stress and anxiety or have PTSD or depression. The internet and today’s technology has made many things possible, and one of them is online therapy. The internet gave us plenty of online therapy platforms that offer e-therapy services, AKA Teletherapy. E-therapy has … Read more

Will Insurance cover Online Therapy?

The Coronavirus is changing the world, and it has re-mapped priorities and the means of distribution of different services, whether essential or not. With many states under “stay-at-home” orders, many Americans who need mental health therapy are wondering how they can get the help they need amidst this devastating pandemic. Thankfully, online therapy has made … Read more

Is Online Therapy Secure?

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E-counseling is becoming one of the most popular forms of therapy, especially after the Coronavirus pandemic. It is also known as online/internet counseling, Teletherapy, and virtual therapy. Although it is becoming quite popular, a lot of people have concerns. It is because whenever you do anything online, there are security issues and privacy concerns that … Read more

Choosing an Online Therapist

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When it comes to therapy, it is crucial to find a good therapist. You must find a therapist you will feel comfortable talking with because you will share uncomfortable thoughts and stories. The therapist will hear things that you have never told anyone before. Therefore, you must be completely comfortable and open with your therapist. … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

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If someone mentioned therapy, the first thing that will pop in your mind is an office, a sofa, and a therapist with a note in his hand. Although this is how therapy is often portrayed in movies and cartoons, it is near to the truth. It is how most face-to-face therapy sessions look like in … Read more