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Today, data shows that there are more than 46 million adults in the US that suffer from mental illness. If we add young adults and children, the figures will be scary and worrisome. The numbers keep increasing every day, including celebrities and ordinary people alike. One of the reasons why seeking health with mental illness is hard, is the effort it takes to find a therapist and attend office sessions. Many people do not have the energy or willingness to leave their homes. It is here where holds an advantage.

The platform gives you easy access to someone to talk to about your issues and anxieties. You will easily find a therapist for you and get all the help you need through an 8-part therapeutic package. It includes everything from a journal and video guides to daily feedback and live sessions. You can easily access the platform through a computer or a Smartphone/tablet.

The primary goal that is trying to achieve is to provide everyone with quality mental health care affordably and conveniently. It offers a massive panel of experienced and qualified therapists. Carl Nordstorm founded the company, and it provided help to its first patient back in September of 2009. Carl wanted to offer something different, and he turned to Margaret Sweet to assemble the team. The team of professionals and therapists managed to help thousands of patients from around the world. Margaret Sweet has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with twenty-nine years of experience in Mental Health and Psychology as well as human behavior and Social Services. She is also a published author of four books and over two hundred guides on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mental health. To this date, the platform made over 350,000 worksheets, with 25.000 chats with its clients and more than 200,000 tests.


How to Sign Up:

The process is easy, and you can kick it off from the homepage of by clicking on “Get Started.” You will begin by answering a couple of questions about your mental health status and some personal information. These questions are:

  • What do you need help with (Anxiety, OCD, Insomnia, PTSD, Stress, etc.…)?
  • What is the preferred gender for your therapist?
  • What is your preferred way of holding the live session (audio, video, or text)?
  • Who referred you to

As you can see, the list of questions is simple and straightforward. It will not take you more than a minute to answer it, and you will be a step closer to receiving the therapy that you need. After the questionnaire, you will create an account by providing your name/alias, email, and password. You will then choose one out of four plans. Once you have entered your payment details, you will have an active membership, and you can embark on the journey of guidance and healing that has to offer.


About Counselors/Therapists:

Once you have signed up, created an account, and got a membership, you will get a therapist assigned to you. The therapist is going to be with you from start to finish. Of course, you will have the option to change the therapist at any time, by sending an email.

The therapists at the platform have a vast array of credentials, whether certifications, licenses, or academic degrees, as well as numerous hours of therapeutic hand-on-experience. On the other hand, does not clearly show their credentials or how many hours of experience they have. Once you sign up and get paired with a therapist, you will be able to view the therapist’s full profile through the dashboard, under the “Your Therapist” tab.

The counselors at the platform are all trained in the CBT program. It is based on the technique that your thoughts are the reason behind your behavior and feelings, and not external stimuli like events, situations, and people. It states that these things are not the stimuli, but how you interpret them and perceive them is what causes the problem. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a well-researched therapy form. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of this method, then might not be for you.


How it Works:

The entire operation at is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT. It is one of the most accredited and commonly used psychotherapeutic approaches that professionals use to treat mental health problems. CBT is a kind of therapy that depends on helping you identify, challenge, and then overcome any dysfunctional thoughts you may have and emotions, and behaviors. Online-Therapy achieves that through an 8-part operation.

The Therapist: You will get a qualified personal therapist who will be with you from start to finish. The therapist will guide you to a better you through the remaining 7-parts of the operation. You will be able to do that from any part of the world.

Sections: It is a knowledge base that includes plenty of info as well as hands-on tools. Armed with them, you will be able to identify, challenge, and then overcome your problems. They are available in the form of videos (by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo), as well as audio and text.

Worksheets: They are questions that you will answer to help you find the tools and the info you are looking for in the sections. They also include beneficial tips from your therapist every day.

Live Sessions: Every week, you will talk to your therapist through a live session for thirty minutes. These sessions are available in the form of voice, text, or video.

Messaging: Besides communicating with the therapist through live chat and worksheets, you can also send messages anytime. You can ask questions, share your thoughts, and seek guidance.

Journal: also has a user-friendly journal that will help you throughout the day. It helps you start the day and end it positively. Writing notes each morning, and each evening will have a substantial positive impact on your day and attitude.

Activity Plan: It is where you can schedule things that brighten your life. It serves as an agreement between you and yourself to become a better and a happier you.

Yoga: It is a new addition to the happiness toolbox operation at It includes videos that are simple and easy to follow. They are perfect for when you need to relax and cope with anxiety or stress. They will undoubtedly give you an instant boost of happiness and gratitude.

It is essential to clarify that while the therapists at the platform have a medical degree, they will not prescribe medications. They rely on CBT for therapy through online treatment and assessments.



You might have a few concerns regarding the privacy of your information, data, and sessions. You will be glad to know that all your data and messages are transferred encrypted end-to-end to the secure server of Therefore, only you and your therapist will be able to access it. In addition, all the account data and the submitted info will be automatically deleted after two years. You can choose a shorter time, or you can delete the account right away from the platform whenever you want. gives you the option to be completely anonymous. So, if you always avoid office-based therapy because you do not like exposing yourself and waiting in the waiting room, which genuinely can be intimidating, got a solution for you. You can choose to go with your real name or an alias and enjoy all the platform’s services without having to reveal your real name at any point. Finally, all therapists and sessions are HIPAA compliant, which is the golden standard of privacy in the healthcare field.

Visit Cost and Pricing: has four plans for you, and one of them is entirely free. You can pay using Credit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Amex Cards as well as PayPal. There is also a 20% discount for the first month. The plans are:

Free Plan: It is quick, easy, and completely free. It includes eight easy-to-follow sections with 25 worksheets as well as yoga, meditation-videos, tests, a journal, and the activity plan.

Basic: It is for those who need more than videos and journals. It includes all the above, in addition to daily therapist feedback from Monday to Friday. It costs $39.95 per week (31.96$/week for the first month).

Standard: It is the most popular option. It strikes a balance between affordability and features, and it includes daily therapist feedback from Monday to Friday, support via messaging, and one live session (text, voice, or video) with the therapist. It costs $59.95/week ($47.96/week for the first month).

Premium: It is dedicated to those who always need maximum support. It includes the same perks of the Standard plan, but with two live sessions and express replies from the therapist. It has a price tag of $79.95/week ($63.96/week for the first month).

All membership fees are billed monthly through the selected payment option.


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