Can You Be Depressed Without Being Suicidal?

Rachel couldn’t recognize herself when she saw her reflection staring back at her in the mirror. Her sunken eyes had lost their sparkle. She had lost a lot of weight, and none of her clothes fit her anymore–everything looked baggy and two sizes too big for her. She spent most of her day sleeping and … Read more

Relationship Boundaries Definition & Meaning (+types, signs, examples, quotes)

Karan and his girlfriend had been together for one year, and they were head over heels for each other. As much as he loved his girlfriend, he felt very uncomfortable with public displays of affection, which Jessica did not understand. You see, Karan was born and raised in a collectivist culture while his girlfriend Jessica … Read more

How to Prevent Depression After Surgery: 7 Expert Tips

How to Prevent Depression After Surgery

What Liz was experiencing is an example of depression after surgery. Most people don’t realize how common it is to get depressed after going under a surgical procedure since it isn’t talked about much by experts.  If you think about it, no matter how common surgery is these days, it still is a great deal … Read more

Can Delayed Grief Cause Anxiety?

Can Delayed Grief Cause Anxiety?

Meghan seemed to be moving on quite well after her divorce. She was doing great at work, had moved into an apartment she absolutely loved, started going on luxury holidays, and even started working out more. All of her friends were surprised by how quickly she seemed to have moved on from the divorce and … Read more

Can You Be Depressed Without Feeling Sad?

Depression is highly misunderstood as most people associate it with sadness or melancholy.  This is why most people would believe that Jared was probably doing much better than Marcus at handling the breakup. The truth is that while Marcus showed some of the classic signs and symptoms of depression, Jared showed the less well-known signs … Read more

Are You Having an Anxiety Attack? 18 Things to Look For

This blog post will go over the various signs and symptoms of an anxiety attack to help you achieve a better understanding.  Here are 18 signs that you may be having an anxiety attack: Overwhelming Fear Palpitations Insomnia Sweating Profusely Shaking/Trembling Difficulty Breathing Restricted Throat/Choking Sensation Dizziness Nausea Muscle Tension Difficulty Concentrating Chest Pains Irrational … Read more

10 Things to Say to Yourself During a Panic Attack

Man feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about all the thoughts in his head.

Panic attacks, or anxiety attacks, can be a frightening experience. Oftentimes, they can seem to come out of nowhere, and the symptoms range from shortness of breath to chest pains. If you have ever had a panic attack, you know how powerful and debilitating it can be. What are things you can tell yourself during … Read more