9 Quick Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Therapy Appointment

Here are some quick tips to consider before you start your next therapy session to get the most out of it.

  1. Keep a notebook filled with your thoughts and feelings. This will help you stay focused on important topics to cover while in session.
  2. Take notes during the session if something was said that resonated with you.
  3. Keep a journal after the session with any afterthoughts.
  4. Build at least 30 minutes into your schedule to reflect on what was brought up in your appointment.
  5. Create some goals before starting therapy and refer back to them periodically. 
  6. Ask the therapist for an assignment or a small goal to work towards between sessions.
  7. Before starting your session, prompt the therapist with what you require from your session. For example, today, I would like some tips on dealing with my anxiety, or today, I just need to get some feelings out, but I’m not looking for any solutions. 
  8. Do not hesitate to bring a blanket or stress ball if that makes you feel more at ease.
  9. Use metaphors and analogies to help you better describe your feelings and/or thoughts.

These are just ideas. Please create your own or these and modify them, so they fit your personality and needs. Therapy is meant to be helpful and not overwhelming, so be careful of taking on too many things.

Incorporate the things that will help you stay focused in therapy, so you never leave your session thinking, “Oh no, I forgot to bring that thing up again.”

Written by Kasia Ciszewski, LPC on

Kasia is a licensed counselor servicing the Charleston & Mount Pleasant area. She helps individuals heal, better understand their emotions, energize & become more aware of their inner strength. She specializes in helping teens, adults, and seniors and has been able to regularly achieve impressive results for her clients throughout South Carolina. Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin

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