Are You Having an Anxiety Attack? 18 Things to Look For

This blog post will go over the various signs and symptoms of an anxiety attack to help you achieve a better understanding.  Here are 18 signs that you may be having an anxiety attack: Overwhelming Fear Palpitations Insomnia Sweating Profusely Shaking/Trembling Difficulty Breathing Restricted Throat/Choking Sensation Dizziness Nausea Muscle Tension Difficulty Concentrating Chest Pains Irrational … Read more

10 Things to Say to Yourself During a Panic Attack

Man feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about all the thoughts in his head.

Panic attacks, or anxiety attacks, can be a frightening experience. Oftentimes, they can seem to come out of nowhere, and the symptoms range from shortness of breath to chest pains. If you have ever had a panic attack, you know how powerful and debilitating it can be. What are things you can tell yourself during … Read more