Are the 5 Stages of Grief Factual? What Science REALLY Knows

A sad man sits alone on a bench as he thinks about his ex-partner.

Grief can be overwhelming and traumatic, and sometimes people search for any form of explanation as to why they must go through such an experience. The 5 stages of grief were defined to be used to help people deal with grief, but are these stages real? I did some research to find out where these … Read more

10 Ways Grief Can Drive You Insane

Grief stricken girl crying on bed

Grief is an all-encompassing and often seemingly endless sadness and enough to drive a person insane. The pain you experience when you suffer a significant loss can be unbearable. While most people are familiar with the five stages of grief, ‘ it is still not something ‘ that’ s experienced linearly or measurably. Grief has … Read more