Are You Having an Anxiety Attack? 18 Things to Look For

As Lindsy found out that her company was laying off 40% of its workforce due to severe budget cuts, an overwhelming fear loomed her body. She felt her throat close and started experiencing dizziness and nausea. She found herself going down the rabbit hole of many irrational thoughts. She was extremely overwhelmed by what was … Read more

Why is Grief Worse at Night?

Grief stricken girl crying on bed

As humans, we tend to process our thoughts and emotions right before going to bed. For some people, this can be a pandora box. One would think that self-reflection improves their state of mind; however, this can lead to rumination, which is anything but beneficial. Grief, whether related to the loss of a loved one … Read more

10 Ways Grief Can Drive You Insane

Grief stricken girl crying on bed

Grief is an all-encompassing and often seemingly endless sadness and enough to drive a person insane. The pain you experience when you suffer a significant loss can be unbearable. While most people are familiar with the five stages of grief, ‘ it is still not something ‘ that’s experienced linearly or measurably. Grief has some … Read more