Why is Grief Worse at Night?

Grief stricken girl crying on bed

As humans, we tend to process our thoughts and emotions right before going to bed. For some people, this can be a pandora box. One would think that self-reflection improves their state of mind; however, this can lead to rumination, which is anything but beneficial. Grief, whether related to the loss of a loved one … Read more

Feeling Lost and Not Knowing What to Do

Young businessman sitting on chair with suitcase on knees

As if feeling hopeless, self-defeated, and alone wasn’t hard enough, you think to yourself, “But can’t everyone see that I’m hurting?”  You wish that someone would come and free you from your thoughts, even if it were for just one day, let alone for just one hour. And now you are left to do perhaps … Read more

A Brainspotting Believer

human profile and abstract elements

For as long as I can remember, I have been saying the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason”. I’m not sure how or why I developed this perspective on life, but it’s been from this lens from which I have been viewing life – always trying to find the silver lining in things.  And, so, … Read more