BetterHelp Review

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BetterHelp has made a name for itself. You’ve probably seen their ads, and such influencers have mentioned them as Elle Mills, Heath Hussar, Bobby Burns, ChandlerNWilson, Shane Dawson, and Boogie2988. It is one of the biggest online counseling platforms offering e-counseling services to over 3 million people. It makes me happy to hear that so … Read more

BetterHelp Review by Therapist Kasia

BetterHelp Any Time Any Place

Advertising Disclosure  People ask me all the time my thoughts about online therapy providers and I thought I would share my personal experience with using their telehealth services.  As a practicing therapist in Mount Pleasant, I know it can be difficult sometimes to find the right counselor when traveling or when you live far from … Read more

Deaf Counseling Center Review by Therapist Kasia

Deaf Counseling Review Pros and Cons

Advertising Disclosure  Deaf Counseling Center is a Deaf-owned psychological and counseling service center. Deaf Counseling Center’s approach to therapy is primarily existential-humanistic and deaf-centered in orientation. They make it clear that they are conscious of how Deaf people live their lives and how it is shaped by their experiences and identities as members of this … Read more

Talkspace Review

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Talkspace is an online counseling platform that offers virtual assistance through plenty of qualified therapists. It has succeeded in getting featured in many prominent programs and publications, and it also boasts the 1-million customer badge. Talkspace also has top-notch customer support that is available to help you with any non-clinical questions. So, if you have … Read more Review

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Today, data shows that there are more than 46 million adults in the US that suffer from mental illness. If we add young adults and children, the figures will be scary and worrisome. The numbers keep increasing every day, including celebrities and ordinary people alike. One of the reasons why seeking health with mental illness … Read more Review by Therapist Kasia

Picture of Review Pros and Cons Bullet Points shines, as it offers a solution to this problem. It will help couples get the therapy they need online without having to be physically in the same place, through a variety of communication methods. is an online therapy platform, which focuses on a couple’s therapy to help people in relationships. You can do … Read more

Faithful Counseling Review by Therapist Kasia

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Advertising Disclosure  Faithful Counseling is dedicated to devout Christians who are seeking online therapy. FaithfulCounseling is owned by Teledoc, the telehealth giant, and was founded back in 2017. The reputation of Faithful Counseling spread quickly among the Christian community and for a good reason. One of the primary reasons behind that is that it aims … Read more

Pride Counseling Review

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PrideCounseling is an online therapy platform that provides counseling to everyone in general and the LGBTQ community in specific. The reason behind the name of the platform and its focus on the LGBTQ community is that they noticed that individuals from the community suffer from mental health problems at an alarming rate. Therefore, they wanted … Read more

Teen Counseling Review

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TeenCounseling is an online platform that gives parents the ability to find counselors for their teen children, and for teens to get the effective help that they need. The platform holds the sessions in a variety of ways to accommodate different users. They can be via text, phone, or video call. TeenCounseling charges a monthly … Read more

A Brainspotting Believer

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For as long as I can remember, I have been saying the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason”. I’m not sure how or why I developed this perspective on life, but it’s been from this lens from which I have been viewing life – always trying to find the silver lining in things.  And, so, … Read more