The Positive Side of Aging

An older man sits sadly at the dinner table reminiscing his deceased wife.

I’m a licensed professional therapist in Charleston, South Carolina, and would like to offer my insight on the positive side of aging. Positive way aging has impacted my life I’ve noticed positivity in aging when reflecting on the amount of wisdom one has gained through their life experience. The more life experiences I’ve had, the … Read more

Quick Tips: Self-care for the Caregiver

Take care of your self message - Hand writing text on cork board

Do you worry about others and have very little time for yourself? You’re not alone.  This is a pattern with which many struggle, especially caregivers. Below I’ve included three self-care tips that focus on self-growth and establishing healthy boundaries. 1. Plan Activities for Yourself:  Just like you would do for your kids and for your … Read more