Kasia creates a therapeutic environment that is really comforting and easy to open up in. Her office is very nice and her dog, Raspberry , is a sweetheart. I find talking to Kasia not only helpful but fun.

Michael B.  6/31/2019

Kasia brings a calming presence to turbulent times. She listens intently and asks questions that help shift your perspective. Kasia’s insightfulness gave me the tools and strength to help me find my inner strength in my own way, on my own terms- she simply shined the light!

Katie  11/20/2018

Kasia helped me through an intense transitional period of my life. She was always warm and gracious and open to anything I needed. I always felt supported and comforted by her presence. I could rely on her input and guidance when everything else felt chaotic. I would recommend Kasia to anyone, confident that her warmth as a person and her skills as a therapist would be an asset on the path to healing

Allison C.   11/14/2018


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