How do I communicate with an online therapist?

Whichever online counseling company you choose, they will provide you with several options to choose from when it comes to methods of communication.  You can pick which form of communication works best for you.

  • Text Messaging: This works best for someone who could benefit from quick responses. Though you may receive a quick response, the reply may not be as thorough as an email reply. You will most likely need to download a messenger app for this service to ensure that your conversations are private.
  • Email: Email gives you the time and space for you be able to collect all your thoughts and emotions into a detailed message. This also gives the counselor time to respond back in a thoughtful and helpful way, as you should feel like someone cares about your well-being. This is great for those who struggle to gather their thoughts. It is also effective for anyone who needs time to learn to trust someone more before they can consider doing video sessions.
  • Video Chatting: A face-to-face conversation will feel most like a traditional counseling session. Video chatting helps prevent common misinterpretations and/or assumptions with access to your body language and tone of voice. Gaining access to these things can really help you and the therapist understand your feelings better by being able to see your reactions live. You can do this either through your computer or smartphone.
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